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CSI- Chauffeur Service International, we are experts in finding your personal travel solutions.

We do offer customized Travel-Packages. Our hand picked arrangements, fully adjusted to your demands, will make you experience unforgettable journeys.
On board our luxury limousines and vans, you can enjoy totally relaxing and safe touring. Cruising through breathtaking landscapes, visiting outstanding monuments, stop-by highly recommended wineries and restaurants, that is our way to entertain you. And at the end of a fulfilled touring-day, you will stay in marvellous 5-star or other exquisite top-hotels. There will be a lot to learn about the country and people, history & traditions, yet leisure, wellness &

CSI - Zum Angebot gehören Übernachtungen in besonderen 5-Sterne Hotels

shopping surely won’t fall short, either!

Welcome to book with us now for your dream travel.
All CSI-organized tours will make you experience various highlights. You will stay in first-class hotels, try and taste regional home-made delicatessen and enjoy the bonuses of an individualized travel-arrangement. Let us know your preferences and we will customise everything according to your requirements.

There are various routes, countries and regions to select, which will be presented in the following list, giving you a first idea of how a typical vacation could look like.
Of course should you have some personal plans or and ideas, we shall be more than happy to integrate into your travel!

Touring southern Germany:

CSI - Erleben Sie Freiburg im Breisgau, die badische Gemütlichkeit mit ihrer einzigartigen Savoir-Vivre

1. Let us start in Freiburg im Breisgau. This charming small big city stands at the south-west-edge of Germany. Our CSI-Service-Company was founded here in 1993.
Freiburg, that is history-laden over 555-year-tradition of its famous University, with the old campus located right in the heart of the old-town in the city. Freiburg, that is the rolling hills of the Black Forest fringing and stretching into town. And Freiburg, that is its relaxed atmosphere of a southern-German modern city in combination with an outstanding gastronomy and restaurant-scene

in the region, which creates a `savoir-vivre`(thanks to the French influence in the old days!), that won’t be found elsewhere in the country. Life seems to be good and easy here. Several of Germany’s best wines are grown here too!
Right next to Freiburg, there is the huge and renowned Black Forest and the cosy little town of Titisee, which forms the heart and canter of Black Forest-Region and the cuckoo-clock-industry.
On day-trips all along the traditional “Schwarzwald-Hochstraße”, our destinations are Baden-Baden and Heidelberg.
Maybe you would like discovering the beautiful Alsace, the French side of the river of Rhine, see the European Capital Strasbourg, place yourself where the time has stood-still in those unspoilt medieval towns like Colmar and Kaysersberg and Riquewihr. And last but not least, visiting the world-famous theme park here, the Europa-Park, next to Freiburg, is an absolute must go, too!

2. Bavaria, the traditional and very popular federal state located in the south of Germany towards the Alps. Bavaria is full of scenic landscapes and rustic, authentic and picture-book countryside. Who never heard of Munich? The worldwide best ranking public festival is every autumn at home here: the Oktoberfest!
But Bavaria is of course also much more than that. We will take you tracking the footprints of King Ludwig II. To his famous castle “ Neuschwanstein”, to the Lake Starnberg and Chiemsee with more of King Ludwig`s II. Heritage to the world: the lake-castle and monastery “Herren- and Frauen- Chiemsee”. We should go visiting Tegernsee and its lake, then proceed to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
That is bavarian lifestyle and pure, verses rustic tradition. After an extended palatial relish and heavenly comfortable overnight in a Romantic Hotel, we would continue towards the Allgäu, with its lovely rolling hill-scenery, its picturesque countryside. This is fairytale-decorated villages and ancient cosy monastery towns such as e.g. Andechs.

Touring Middle-Germany:

CSI – Besichtigen Sie besondere regionale Sehenswürdigkeiten: Kaisersaal in Schwarzburg, ThüringenIn Middle-Germany you come across exceptionally regional diversity and history.
Here are two approved and highly recommended tours:

1. Discover those world-renowned picturesque landscapes of the German River, the Rhine.
The spectacular valleys of Mosel, Saar and Ruwer, where probably the best Rieslings in the world are grown and made. Here you will find German rural life at its best. Cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf,

CSI - Besichtigen Sie besondere regionale Sehenswürdigkeiten: Kaisersaal in Schwarzburg, Thüringen

Mainz, Wiesbaden and Koblenz are inviting us for a stopover!

2. Another Middle-Germany-Tour would start in Unterfranken. We would proceed to the hidden beauties of the Thüringer Wald and drive on to find ourselves in the region called ‘the Saxonian Switzerland’. Again thriving landscapes with a fairytale density of castles will joyfully fill your travelling-days. Only a few must-go-cities along the way are Würzburg, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Dresden and Leipzig.

Northern Germany:

CSI - Eine Reise Wert: Hansestadt Hamburg

Welcome onboard, please feel invited on a unique Journey through Northern Germany. Our program will take you on a Travel-Experience-Tour from Germany`s North-Sea-Islands to the Baltic Sea in the formerly eastern regions.

Pleas follow us onto Germany`s most exclusive island, Sylt, with its wide and white sandy beaches, the typical heather-dune-landscapes and the stylish and luxurious flair. From Sylt, as we head towards the eastern part of northern Germany, to the history-laden biggest island there, Rügen, the Old-German-

Monument-Island with the famous Chalk-Cliff.

In between here and the North Sea with its mud-flats, there is the Hanse-Trail, the ancient and already in the old days very powerful trading-capitals like Rostock, Lübeck, Hamburg and Bremen. But first we will be passing by the endless lake by lake by lake scenery of “the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte” and the National Park “Lüneburger Heide” with the endemic picture-book soils full of juniper and heather. This region is all about sheep, shepherds-tales and horseback-riding. The two city-highlights here are Berlin and Hamburg. These are truly mondial modern dynamic big cities, but totally different from each other.
Let us introduce you to the vibrant yet charming life-style of these two mesmerizing capitals of culture, history, architecture, arts, business, urban dynamics and ultimate savoir-vivre. When Germany`s Capital Berlin is telling you the continental German story of history, then the Old Hanse Capital Hamburg is attracting our attention with sea-farer-tales of centuries of successful international marine trading and tragic decades of desperate emigration to the New World in the West.

After having presented Germany at its best and its obvious diversity, we truly hope you cannot wait to explore some of its facets. To complete the breathtaking journey, here follows an inside-offer to travel with us to Austria and Switzerland.

Lake Constance to Austria:

Let us take off from Konstanz at Lake Constance, the biggest tri-national lake of Central-Europe. We are going to cross the Alps into Austria, namely to Salzburg, Graz and Vienna.
Salzburg, the baroque Metropolis with its unique classical music festival atmosphere, does not only bewitch Mozart-Fans.
Graz, capital of Austria’s federal state Steiermark, is blessed with an almost Mediterranean climate and therefore highly frequented by international students. The old-town of Graz, authentically preserved, is also renown as Austria’s capital of culture, good food and wines.
Finally we do strongly recommend not missing out on Vienna, with its still shining glory of the long gone Hungaro-Austrian Empire! Vienna is world-renown for its classic architecture, the Vienna Opera House, the legendary Lipizaner Horse-Back-Riding-School and the traditional “Prater-Funpark”.
Have you ever enjoyed the timeless charming grand hospitality of one of the In-Places there, like “The Sacher Café” and its irresistable Sacher- Cake? We do strongly recommend a day in the various grand old cafés to get a lasting impression of the “Kaffee-Haus-Kultur”. That inspired so many writers and artists over 100 years ago! And there is one more antiquated pleasure waiting: you surely should be hopping onto one of the old-style horse-carriages, “The Fiaker” for a final and awesome old-towns-tour!

Tour Switzerland and Italy:

1. Come to Switzerland. CSI will take you into the heart of Switzerland, to Uri, where Wilhelm Tell and his comrades once fought for and founded the Swiss federation. Nearby Luzern will deeply impress you with its “ Vierwaldstetter See” and the surrounding Swiss Alps and the patron-peak of the town, the Pilatus. The “Montreux Jazz Festival” has got a reputation of its own and Geneva with the Lac Lemon and all its international institutions and mondial flair, is definitely a part of the world to surrender to.

CSI - Kanton Luzern, Schweiz

2. Another tour-suggestion would again take off from Freiburg in Germany. We would proceed 70 kilometres down to the business-hub of Basel-City on the upper Rhine, to Bern, thetranquil and cosy Swiss capital, further on to Zurich and Lake Zurich, probably the wealthiest part of all Europe. The very high living-standard and the beauties around Lake Zurich are always inviting for an extended culinary rest and stay here!
Heading further south, we would stop at the picturesque Lake Lugano before continuing to the European Fashion-Metropolis Milano and Upper-Italy.

CSI- Markus Hartewich invites you to plan your exclusive Travel-Package together with us; we will provide you with all our experience and passion for extraordinary travelling.
Should it be about business or pleasure: do combine your fair-visits with the attendance at festival-concertos in Bayreuth and Salzburg. Make it a personally-tailored special-affair, make it happen.

Encounter magnificent cultural highlights, Big City Fun, The Capitals, pure “Joy de Vivre”, in pulsating urban neighbourhoods, in rural peaceful regions, stop by up-market Gourmet-Temples and delight yourself with the honest taste and beauty of artisan eco-products on our way through divine countryside and landscapes.

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